Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Wednesdays Nominated for an IFTA

if you havent heard (and why on earth would you have) The Wednesdays was nominated for the IFTA award for short films. Nice, eh. Even better than that (possibly) it won the Audience Award at Clermont-Ferrand Festival of Short Film, which im reliably informed is way cool all in itself...

As for the IFTA, who knows. That's Sunday, and a hired tux away....


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Wednesdays' Screening

So, finally, it happened. The Wednesdays (see here) got a public screening. Many of the people there had bought a ticket (though, in truth, there were loads of other films on the bill). Anyway, it was magic. People laughed in all the right places (and sometimes a lot more heartily than I had imagined). Sitting listening to them all out there in the semi-darkness was one of the nicest experiences i have ever had.

God knows what will happen now, but boy, that was fun.

Among the other films that people (ok, Conor Ferguson and Luke McManus)were saying nice things about were Scumbot (which i stupidly missed) and Frankie (which i saw and can agree about). Frankie, as it happens, was directed by Darren Thornton, formerly of Calipo Theatre Company (whose Love Is The Drug made the journey from theatre to TV-series). It's a hyperspeed steadifly -on-the-wall about a troubled lad on a Drogheda estate who is practising to be a da. And it's worth a look.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007


Well, here it is. Wednesdays. So, if you recall, what happened was i wrote a short story called Wednesdays; then me and conor ferguson wrote a screenplay for a short film called Wednesdays; then film base gave some money; millions of interns were contacted; they wandered around a bit; i did my 'cameo' (in the difficult zone between 'extra' and 'cameo' to be honest); then the film was finished; it seems to have got called The Wednesdays, for some reason. And now it's getting screened. In Odessa. I'd say everyone is welcome, but who knows...