Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Denis Conway's Making History

On and off since July, when Ouroborus theatre company performed Brian Friel's Making History at Charlesfort, Kinsale Cork to commemorate the Battle of Kinsale, the company's production has been touring Ireland, performing at sites associated with the Flight of the Earls. Now, with Denis Conway (who stars as Hugh O'Neill) back from a little sojourn in Druid's The Walworth Farce at Edinburgh, the production is back on the road.

The production makes it all the way to Drumcondra Castle (which, as any fool knows, was the location at which O'Neill and Mabel Bagenal were married) for 1 September. On 13 September, it finally reaches Rathmullan Fort, Donegal, the point from which the Earls finally took flight 400 years (almost to the day) previously, and from where Ouroborus' production heads to Europe. Not a sea-route to the continent that really took off, that one.