Monday, March 26, 2007

Viacom vs YouTube: Stupidity Rules

NOTE: It seems that comedy central have now pulled their own serve of the clip. so its gone for good. Now i dont think there being stupid at all. No, siree, bob. I'll leave their nice blue square in place to remind us how cleverly everybody is playing this...

I dont usually do this sort of thing (bishop), but this just has to be done. Demetri Martin (the coolest dog on the planet) did a very funny bit on The Daily Show (which is on Comedy Central, which is owned by Viacom) about the Viacom v. Youtube lawsuit. Which was damn funny in a pop-will-eat-itself kinda way.

But that wasn't twisted enough for some people. Somebody (as Demetri predicted, or should i say instructed) put it up on youtube, and somebody -- let's call them Mr. V -- had the clip removed again. But the clip is available (to be embedded, ad-free) from the Comedy Central site, which means that instead of having the clip where people want it to be, viacom has insisted that they stream it (not so well) from their own servers, rather than let Youtube serve it for free. Are these people all nuts? Does anyone give a hoot about where the video is served from? Thought not, anyways...

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