Tuesday, April 17, 2007

"blue mime artist in stephen green dublin 2 2007"

See that title there? Somebody just searched for it on Google and ended up at the loy.

I wonder what can it mean?

I think it means that a member of the Blue Man Group somehow or other found themselves in Stephens Green, where they were spotted by someone who, intensely curious and mystified, took their head out of their copy of the Evening Herald and started typing on their laptop connected to the yet to be initiated metropolitan wifi service.

My guess is that the group are going to "do" one of the festivals this year. And my further guess is that it'll be the Electric Picnic, because the electric picnic slavishly copies everything the Big Chill does, only a few years later.

Anyways, presumably now that i actually have a title "blue mime artist in stephen green dublin 2 2007" there will be many more of the same heading my way.

All non-made-up information welcome, like.

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