Sunday, October 14, 2007

And we're not little children...anymore

Just back from The Road to Nowhere, the Young@Heart show, in the O'Reilly theatre. Which was jammed. Seems like every show at this year's festival was jammed -- and that is not because i went to openings, cause largely i didnt.

In any case, Road to Nowhere was a pretty good end to the Festival; not everything i had hoped, but still quite an emotional occasion. I went with my father, who is, according to himself, in training to join some such choir. But not right now.

I am not sure, right now, what the show really meant. I was happy to see these people singing, a gang of individuals, rather than a sample of a demographic. But the show seemed to add up to pretty much the sum of its parts. Songs old and new (though with a lot more Lennon and McCartney, and a lot less Radiohead, than you might have imagined from the pre-publicity) sung by (mostly) over 70s.

I was expecting -- well, director Roy Faudree had told me to expect -- something overpowering, something that couldn't quite be put into words. Well, im waiting for that bit. Maybe it'll take another 30 years to get it. I'll wait. All the same, i definitely have a new favourite version of Talking Heads' Road to Nowhere. (But a bit disappointing to notice that it wasn't on the CD we bought on the way out...)

Anyway, that's the end of the road for this year's theatre festival. Which is, y'know, a good and a bad thing.


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