Friday, March 16, 2007

Scenes from Kicking A Dead Horse "First Night"

Who's that fella sitting alone there with the scifi specs that wrap all the way around the back of his head like a red plastic hair band? Oh, he's got a friend now:

"Oh, hello Colm!"
"Oh, hello Sebastian!"

The pair hug and mutter for a bit. An elder yank behind breaks cover.

"I didnt know you were in town!" says Colm Toibin (for it is he)
"Oh, we just came for the play."
"Oh sorry," says Colm, noticing his own acquaintance.
"Richard Ford and Kristina Ford," (For it is them) "Sebastian Barry." (For that's him,there)
"Are you around?"
"Eh, just until tomorrow"
"Well, Im in the phone book."
"So are we if you're ever looking for us."
"In the dublin phone book?"

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