Tuesday, September 12, 2006

REVIEW: Dreamers (O'Reilly Theatre, Dublin)

If you got a good story, why be put off by the fact that it concerns, among other things, the economic collapse and subsequent fall out of early 1990s Argentina; or your ongoing struggles with the raw edge of US immigration policy. And certainly don't let the fact that your chosen language is a frenetic pidgin of tap and hip hop dance styles stand in the way of your dreams of global fame and fortune.

The Buenos Aires-born dancing twins, Martin and Facundo Lombard's contribution to the Dublin Fringe Festival does a quick tap-step-tap around all the possible obstacles and sets out to tell the story of their life so far, stopping regularly to show some dazzling feet and some hi-def abs.

In an earlier life, Martin and Facundo were child stars on Argentinean television, learning off the dance routines they saw on pop videos, blending styles from body popping to breakdancing. Their first solo show, Dreamers, demonstrates their athletic brand of street dancing, but also contrast that with some miraculous twenty-first century tap dancing that shows the boys' feet twinkling in a different register.

All the same, Dreamers is an extremely raw show, sometimes with the texture of (in relatively positive sense of the word) a busking act. Junctions between segments of the show are occasionally a little tense and juddery and the tech lacks in crispness. All of which might easily be beside the point, but it certainly leaves an appetite to see the brothers in action when the aim is to create something slicker.


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