Wednesday, July 26, 2006

LISTEN! New series of Soundstories, I'm sure everybody knows this (or at least, everybody who reads the RTE Guide) but Soundstories in back! On the radio! Next Tuesday! August 1st! 2006! And for severel weeks thereafter!

This series we'll have some brand new sound-flavoured tall tales from Chris Watson, Dava "Longitude" Sobel will be telling us about the music of the spheres and there'll be new scary sound stories especially written for the radiobox by Gerry Stembridge, Michael West and a host of others. But really, if i was to fill up the whole of the world wide web telling you all the great things that are going to be on, it still wouldn't even come close to LISTENING!

As always the series will be produced by Kevin Brew and written and presented by yours truly. And, chances are it will be great fun.

The shows (old and new series) can always be caught here. And there's downloading too.
Tuesday in August, 8pm.


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