Wednesday, February 22, 2006

REVIEW:Twink's Dirty Dusting

Dirty Dusting sets its stall out early on: if, for some inexplicable reason, you are not reduced to helpless tears of laughter by Twink's announcement that she loves ‘a good ride,’ then the chances are you may be left a cold by Adele King’s latest vehicle.

On the other hand, if have an insatiable appetite for tired gags involving housework or sex (and preferable both) you will probably find Dirty Dusting very heaven.

The show provides plenty of opportunities for Twink’s brassy single entendre smut, as the ‘plot’ of Dirty Dusting centres on talking dirty. Threatened with redundancy, three sixtysomething female office cleaners (King, alongside Eileen Colgan and Aine Ni Mhuiri) decide they will set up a telephone sexline.

This setup provides the apparently irresistible opportunity to have the ladies discuss – and discover – a range of sexual practices that they have somehow missed out on during their most sexually active years. Beyond this, there is little story, and though Steve Blout comes on as a comedy turn, the script is easily lame enough to take the shine off even his normally charming comic style.

The production is a revival of an English provincial ‘comedy’ written by Ed Waugh and Trevor Wood, and somebody has taken the trouble to rework the script with plenty of local references. For many people, the effort was clearly worth it.

Even discounting the presence of some designated laughers – the high-decibel tenor guffaws of one in particular are becoming a familiar feature on Dublin opening nights – the audience largely appeared to be laughing when required to do so. As the gags here are more signals to laugh than actual jokes, the product seemed to be working as intended.


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