Sunday, July 17, 2005

Double Jepordy

That's twice now. Two shows that I've seen in the tent on George's Dock, the place that they say might be the new Abbey.* And twice the evening has turned disasterous. When i went to see Perchance to Dream, some demented people in the row in front of us decided to talk all the way through the second half. They even start taking little cam clips and adding live audio commentaries there and then. It nearly ended in "a mill" as Alison put it.

Then i goes back again. This time it's to see the Tempest, with Emily, her sister and her mother. This time the entire family is so outraged/bored/disgusted that they leave half way through (after one too many nob jokes, I reckon). And I'm left all alone to comtemplate that little thing that is surrounded with a sleep. JAYZUZ!

In any case, is there bad juju on this spot? Will the Abbey be effected? Will any of us be here to see it?

* Still haven't worked out how the geography of that might work out. Surely they're not going to cover over the water? And surely if they only used the same space that the Speigeltent and Footsbarn tents had used, it would be way, way, way too small...


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